Sworn translations and apostilles
Various government institutions often require official documents to be provided with a sworn translation. Such translations are made by a translator who has been sworn by a court, and who executes the translation according to the norms and regulations in force. Linguakabinet provides sworn translations of birth certificates, passports, deeds of sale, diplomas, articles of marriage, registration in the Chamber of Commerce, transfer deeds, etc. If required, the agency can arrange apostille stamps in court. Our agency is within walking distance from the embassies and consulates of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Linguakabinet can also offer advice on sworn translations and current procedures in order to save you time, effort and money. The standard sworn translation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, extracts by the municipality etc.) costs  50.00 excl. VAT per document (up to four pages). Providing apostille at the Hague Court costs  27.00 excl. VAT (this includes  17.00 legal fee).

Translations for companies, organizations and institutions
Linguakabinet is active in the upper-tier market where excellent quality, expertise, and flexibility towards the client are top priorities. The agency has academic and practical expertise in the fields of economics, law, government institutions and international relations. For technical projects we gratefully use expertise of the engineers in our team. We have the capacity to carry out even the most sophisticated and large-scale projects with the help of Translation Memory Trados and affinity with text recognition programs and Autocad. Most of the assignments are taken on by our own staff. In addition, we offer our clients the opportunity to use our extensive network of experienced translator teams in different areas of expertise and to benefit from our cooperation agreements with other agencies. If we accept a job, our customer is guaranteed the Linguakabinet first class performance quality.

Our areas of expertise
Law and regulation: Notarial acts, European law, Criminal law, Civil law, Contracts
Industry: Oil and Gas Industry, Wood and Lumber, Steel Industry
Economics and Finance: Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking, Tenders, Accounting, Annual Reports
Government institutions: Defence, Policy documents, Diplomacy
Social sciences: Environment, Psychiatry, Education
Health care: Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Disabled Care

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