Mila Greveraars-Volkova M.Sc. | B.Tr.
The founder of Linguakabinet is Mila Greveraars-Volkova. Mila was born in Belarus. In 1998, she came to the Netherlands, where she has been active as a professional translator and interpreter since 1999. Before moving to The Hague in 2007, she lived and worked in different European countries.

Mila obtained her bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting at the Maastricht School for Translation and Interpreting in the Netherlands. Afterwards she completed a course in Court Interpreting at the Foundation Institute for Court Interpreters and Translators in Utrecht and obtained a specialization in Conference Interpreting at the Ghent School of Translation Studies in Belgium. Later she followed a Translation and Conference Interpreting course at the Moscow International School for Translation and Interpreting. Before obtaining her master’s degree in Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, she graduated from the Tilburg University in International Economics and Finance. Finally, she followed the course in International Relations at the Netherlands Institute for International Relations Clingendael.

Today, Mila is completely devoted to running Linguakabinet which gives her professional satisfaction and stimulates her personal development. She is proud and happy in the job, which opens doors into other fields and disciplines, satisfying her curiosity.

For more about Mila’s life and her most remarkable projects, you can read her Blog.