Interpreting for Mikhail Gorbachev
strip gorbachev
© Reinder Weidijk

On Sunday 25th October Mila was invited to interpret for the former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev who was visiting Amsterdam for the Global Assembly of the Club of Rome. The day before the Assembly the Sustainability Lunch was organized in the Hermitage Amsterdam. Mikhail Gorbachev, the Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen and the director of the Institute for Environmental Analysis Wouter van Dieren exchanged ideas and held speeches on sustainable development. The special day was enriched by a pleasant surprise – another meeting with Pavel Palazhchenko, the personal interpreter of Gorbachev, whom Mila considers to be her teacher since her study time in Moscow. The event was organized by Richard Elam from Six Star Society.

Interpreting Russian-English CFE-inspection
interpreter russian

This time interpreting for an inspection in the framework of the CFE Treaty (Conventional Armed Forces in Europe) was very special. For the first time, Mila worked for her countrymen, the inspection team from Belarus. Because of highly professional performance of the both teams, there was an opportunity to conduct two weapon inspections. The busy work schedule was compensated by a wonderful cultural program and walks in the forest. Deserved compliments go to the lieutenant-colonel Ben Rijnenberg. His impeccable Russian has made the life of his interpreter much easier.

Film Rutger Hauer and Katerina Vetrova
strip hauer

In July Mila was invited to interpret during a working lunch between Rutger Hauer and his Russian producer Katerina Vetrova. As a result of the meeting, Rutger Hauer approached Linguakabinet with the request to translate the English script of his project Wallenberg in the Russian and Dutch languages. The film tells about the life of Raul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who rescued thousands of Jews in the Second World War. Emilin Lap and Mila Greveraars from Linguakabinet have done the translations and were happy to receive flattering feedback. Rutger Hauer: ‘Loved the translation in Dutch. It moves very well and almost has a classic quality’. Katerina Vetrova: ‘Excellent translation, beautiful style of writing, thank you very much’. Now translators of Linguakabinet hope that the project can continue.

Inspiration for Mila and Linguakabinet
beedigd vertaler russisch

Today is a special date. On this day 15 years ago I met Lion Greveraars. From that day on Lion has been playing an important role in my private and business life. I have known him in many guises: as an old friend from my childhood, the ex-husband, a personal coach, an editor, an account manager, a business partner and a source of inspiration. The constant dimension is that Lion is always here when I need support: sleepless nights and almost impossible deadlines for big translation projects, stage fright before a high-level interpreting job, the broken heart or a malfunctioning server are not that bad when Lion is here with his wisdom, espresso and a cigarette.

Lion is invaluable for Linguakabinet because of his extensive experience as a text writer, editor and expert on culture differences between Russia and the Netherlands. He is in the office of Linguakabinet on the daily basis and is responsible for coordination of big translation and interpreting projects. Besides that, Lion is the owner of the photo gallery Fotokabinet ( and the advertising agency Impression.

Today on the Plein in The Hague Lion tells that the 14-year-old girl from the draughts park in Minsk has come a long way. And I know that this way would have been very different without Lion’s support, encouragement and his faith in me. Thank you, Jozhik. You are wonderful.

tolk russisch-nederlands

Literary translation for Jacques Meijer

Today Linguakabinet was honoured by the visit of the Dutch poet and photographer Jacques Meijer: he brought good news, a large-scale box of chocolate and his lovely daughter. The news is that the English version of the new poem book "Dancing eggs" of Jacques has gone into printing. The English translation of this contemplative and provoking piece of literature has been done by the translator of Lingukabinet Lindsay Edwards, who has taken up this challenge in a magnificent way.

strip meijer

Voice-recording Belarusian for UEFA

Remy Wigmans from Clark Football Languages Ltd. has requested Linguakabinet to assist him with recording of words of welcome in the Belarusian language for the UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship. Our agency was turned into a mobile record studio and under expert supervision of Remy the enthusiastic words of welcome for the Belarusian team were immortalized in a digital file. Now we feel co-responsible for possibly brilliant performance of the Belarusian football players.

strip uefa

Interpreting for HatchTech
strip hatchtech

This week Mila has been invited to interpret Russian and English for the company HatchTech, world leader in incubating technologies. The assignment turned out to be very informative: the chicken-and-egg story is fascinating and thoroughly organized by the experts of HatchTech.

Interpreter Russian Open Skies in Russia
tolk russisch den haag

Last week Mila interpreted Russian-English for an Open Skies flight in Russia. Due to exceptionally bad weather in Murmansk, the flight to the barren north was cancelled and the inspection was conducted from the beautiful Saint Petersburg. Apart from their activities in the framework of the Open Skies Treaty, the members of the Benelux team enjoyed a special cultural program: a city walk of Saint Petersburg by night, visit to the legendary cruiser Aurora, the Vasilevsky Island and the famous “Russian Versailles” in Peterhof. The extensive and fascinating programme was only possible thanks to the kindness of the Russian hosts. They have provided a police convoy for us during the whole stay in the city (a magic remedy against impenetrable traffic jams in Saint Petersburg), but more important, they have given us a wonderful city guide. Alexander, we are very grateful to you for all the amazing stories and knowledge that you have shared with us – even though interpreting all the cultural and historical terminology was a true challenge by times. And personally I want to thank you for revealing the mystery of my childhood – the way the “tricky fountains” of Peter the Great work – even though that required me being soaked to the bone.

tolk russisch-engels

Opening exposition “Angels of Time”

On Sunday 10th of May, the opening of the exposition “Angels of Time” took place in The Hague photo gallery Fotokabinet ( The exposition presents work of the Flemish photographer Lukas Roels, who took pictures of several children at different stages of their life for this series. The outcome: captivating black-and-white photo’s with focus on the theme of melancholy, openness of the youth, desires and dreams, time and erotic cravings. Nudity of the models has caused big commotion in Belgium and resulted into heated discussions between guests of Fotokabinet.

Interpreting Russian for Europol in The Hague

This week Linguakabinet had the honour to deliver conference interpreters Russian and English for Europol, the police agency of the European Union. Linguakabinet cannot reveal the issues which were discussed, but one fact is clear: The Hague is justly seen as the legal capital of the world. Many international organisations work from this city to make our world a better place to be.

Passed! Alliance Française, niveau A1.1.
STRIP2 LK 130409

The year 2009 is full of good intentions. One of them, starting French lessons, has been successfully realized. Long Thursday evenings and contagious enthusiasm of the teacher Céline Puaud have yielded the results – Mila has passed her test for the level A1.1 French.

Meeting of Russian Speaking Professionals
STRIP1 LK 130409

On 1 April 2009 the first meeting of the Community of Russian Speaking Professionals in the Netherlands took place. The organizer, Irina Kremin, has kept up her reputation of an expert in the field of social events, strategic partnerships B2B and professional networks. After the networking game Poker, participants enjoyed an entertaining and yet very useful and informative presentation by Michiel van Erkel (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on strategic priorities of the Dutch government in the CIS-countries. Afterwards a winner of the competition for the best title for the presented photo was elected. The winning title is: “For big investors only” (see photo below). The first meeting has been a true success for Russian speaking professionals in the Netherlands!

STRIP3 LK 130409

Interpreting Russian and Dutch for UNDP

In the recent days Mila has again been invited to provide interpreting Russian and Dutch for the UNDP project (UN Development Program) “Promotion of a wider application of international human rights standards in the administration of justice in Belarus”. This time the central topic was effective functioning of the judiciary. At the photo’s you can see the participants of this fascinating project, which proved to be a highly pleasant event. Special thanks go to Emma Oosten and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee for superb organization.

Sworn interpreter Russian and Dutch, The Hague
Pagina 7

On January 1st, 2009 a new law on Sworn Translators and Interpreters entered into force. This law is meant to ensure quality and integrity of this professional group. According to this law, all interpreters and translators should register with the Bureau BTV, which determines whether their qualification and work experience allow them to enter the Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters.

Mila has been working as a sworn translator Russian, Belarusian, Dutch and English since 2002. In 2009 she has successfully passed the test procedure and entered the Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters as a sworn translator Russian, Belarusian, Dutch and English, WBTV no. 1909. In accordance with the new procedure she was also invited to the Hague court in order to be sworn in as an interpreter Russian, English, Dutch and Belarusian. The photo’s picture the solemn ceremony and Mila’s colleagues – Corine Kruijsen and Svetlana Petrova.

25th anniversary of the Institute Clingendael

Pagina 1

The Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael celebrated its 25th anniversary on December 9, 2008. Together with other Clingendael students of the 63rd Course on International Relations Mila attended the festivities. The photo pictures Her Majesty Queen Beatrix together with former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ben Bot and former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan while they listen to the speech of Prof.Dr. Jaap W. de Zwaan, director of the Institute Clingendael. On the other photo you can see the group of the 63rd Course, a nice group of inspiring people.

General rehearsal of the Prince’s Day
prinsjesdag 1

At the kind invitation of KLTZ Jeroen P.D. van Zaalen, former adjutant of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, Mila attended the general rehearsal of the Prince’s Day. On this day the Queen rides through the streets of the Hague in the Golden Carriage, gives a speech on government’s ambitions for the year and presents the budget. It is a day of extravagancy and grandeur.

Graduating from the Erasmus University

Mila is very happy to have graduated from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and obtaining master title in Economics. The master thesis was called “Natural resources in the Russian economy. Paradox of plenty. Diagnosing Dutch disease. Lifting the resource curse”. In her research, Mila continued her study on the role of oil and gas in the Russian economy, which she had started with her bachelor thesis at the Tilburg University. Mila hopes that her master diploma Economics and the obtained knowledge will allow her one day to become a consultant on economies of Eastern Europe. For now translation and interpreting jobs Russian, Dutch and English in the field of economics are a strong area of specialization of Linguakabinet.

NATO-Russia naval exercise Bold Monarch 2008

Assigned by the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Mila provided Russian interpreting during the exercise Bold Monarch 2008. A very special job that introduced Mila into the world of strong and noble people, naval ethics, submarines and speedboats. Warm thanks go to KLTZ Jeroen P.D. van Zaalen who has supported her throughout this challenging assignment with his subtle assistance, never ending patience and fine sense of humour. Also warm greetings to the crew members of the HMS Dolfijn for their professionalism during the rescue operation and their courtesy during the improvised draughts tournament.

dammen jeroen

Interpreting for Mitsubishi in Spain
Pagina 3

An enormously enjoyable interpreting job: Mila was invited to interpret during the press-conference and technical briefings on the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X for Russian and Ukrainian journalists and had to fly to Granada. The most exciting moment of her job was the one when she was admitted as co-driver during test-drives on the Guadix circuit – Mila’s part was to try to stay inside the car and shout in despair.

House-warming party Linguakabinet The Hague

An official opening of Linguakabinet at the new location in the Hague took place on April 27, 2008. Friends, colleagues and neighbours visited Maziestraat 2A to wish the company good luck and success. Many wishes went also to another “newcomer” – the photo gallery Fotokabinet ( which opens its doors at Maziestraat 2. The Hague has found another couple of exclusive boutiques.

Interpreting Open Skies flight Ukraine
Pagina 4

The Open Skies Treaty was signed between NATO countries and former Soviet republics to enhance transparency about the military potential. This observation flight was special because there had been historically high number of ladies in the team (my colleague interpreters). Michelle and Anna, this has been quite a job!

Pagina 5

Translation Russian newspaper Kommersant
Pagina 2

Linguakabinet got the chance to help out its favourite Russian newspaper Kommersant with a translation on the Yukos-proceedings. After exhausting but nevertheless highly enjoyable cooperation, journalist Denis Rebrov insisted on crediting Mila Greveraars-Volkova in the newspaper as a Hague correspondent for the Kommersant. The newly born correspondent blushes with pride. Thank you, Denis!

Interpreting during a CFE Treaty inspection
2Pagina 2

In October Mila interpreted during a CFE (Conventional Armed Forces in Europe) inspection in Russia, led by the Netherlands. The Treaty was signed in 1990 between the NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries in order to limit conventional armaments.

Inspections are carried out to control the military potential of another country but the main aim is to consolidate cooperation and build up trust between countries. The very responsible job of a team-leader is assigned to those who can ensure a successful inspection in a professional and yet very friendly manner.
On his way to Moscow, the highly experienced Dutch team leader LtCol Rob Wetters intensely enjoys a piece of “chicklit” called Nina.

Pagina 6