Conference interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive)
The conference interpreter works mainly in simultaneous mode, i.e. the interpreter conveys the spoken message to the audience in another language in real time, almost in sync with the speaker. Conference interpreting saves a lot of time, even though communication takes place in different languages, and is mainly used for conferences and meetings with lengthy presentations. This mode of interpreting requires special equipment (interpreter booths) and competent simultaneous interpreters. Because of the challenging intensity of simultaneous interpreting, interpreters work in teams of two in order to be able to replace each other every half hour. Linguakabinet can arrange a team of interpreters and rent portable interpreter equipment for your conference or large meeting.

Negotiation interpreting
The negotiation interpreter takes care of oral communication between parties who do not speak each other’s language. Once one of the parties has spoken, the interpreter transfers the message into the language of the other party. Negotiation interpreting does not require any special equipment; this mode of interpreting is used in negotiation situations, like the execution of notary acts, factory visits, city tours and official dinners.

Court interpreting
Court interpreters are qualified and certified interpreters who are entitled to work for judicial institutions. Depending on the situation, the court interpreter needs to work in simultaneous or consecutive mode. If the room is not equipped with an interpreter booth, then the interpreter often needs to provide “whispered interpreting”, i.e. the interpreter is located behind the client and interprets the message in a soft voice. Whispered interpreting can be provided for a number of people if there is a special portable system with a michrophone and headsets.

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